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As I said from last week, I was going to give this week’s episode some insight because as much as I hate how last weeks results turned out, I’m curious to know what happens this week. And I wasn’t disappointed but I didn’t have my breath taken away (maybe just a little). But one thing is for sure, tonight changed things up for the voting and we may OR may not get a suprise twist for the winner next week. ALL UP TO AMERICA!


So tonight, our final two crews will dance 3 times tonight; the all around the world challenge, create-your-own dance craze, and the last chance challenge. Tonight was ok for both these crews and I was definitly sure when I thought Fanny Pak was going to own them all in tonights challenge. If only a wicked twist was at the end of tonight’s show and Fanny Pak makes a surprise return. But only in a perfect world, right? Anyways we start off the night with the All Around The World challenge, taking every dance style from literally ALL OVER THE WORLD and turning it into a routine.

First off is Super Crew. I agree with Lil Mama that the formations were a bit off and I had a hard time comprehending the routine in the beginning. I do agree with Shane that as they switched to other dance styles, it did get better. But I noticed some sloppyness here and there but the tricks pulled away from it. I think when it got to the Latin dance, they could have put more “umph” into it because if Fanny Pak has 3 dudes that can booty shake like the dirty South, they can too. Overall, I would put this at the bottom of the list of their performances. But hey its the first of the night, I’ll give them a break.

Now onto SoReal Cru. Now I said last week that I wanted SoReal to prove to me that they deserved to be in that top spot because I would take them out right on the spot and bring Fanny Pak back. And their first performance tonight did not definitly help. Here was the problem: there were so many mess-ups in this performance, if they were so much cleaner, the performance alone (no tricks) would be enough to impress me. I honestly thought this was a good routine but it was REALLY SLOPPY. Jackie was so off at some parts. I did love the row boat trick and the ending with Ailyn in the air. So I give this one to Super Cr3w for the first performance.

Wow I miss Fanny Pak already so badly.

Now onto the dance craze challenge. I kind of already knew that SoReal had this one in the bag considering that SoReal does more floorwork dancing that tricks and they could easily make something up where as Super Cr3w doesn’t have floorwork that stands out mainly because its the tricks we look for in them.

So first off is Super Cr3w. Ok, you might as well just stamp one big DUH! on your tvs when Super Cr3w had to make a move for the craze. Of course, the notorious “S” makes its dance debut in form of a song. “S to the chest, S in the sky!” Or something like that. Anyways, their dance craze was ok but in order for a dance craze to click with people, you have to be able to relate to them and make it possible for them to perform the craze. The “S” part of the song would only come back for a good 5-6 seconds THEN ITS BACK TO TRICKS. I guess the “S” part of the song only works well when you back it up with some crazy trick. Not everyone b-boys people so I think they lost out on this challenge.

Now SoReal Cru steps up to the plate AND THE EXPLOSION MAKES A GRAND RETURN TO THE ABDC STAGE! I actually liked this performance because it turns out to be a great dance craze. And the great thing is, ANYBODY CAN DO IT and still do their dancin thang on the side! I loved the parts when it would go SMASH IT UP! And I loved when the hulk hands come into play. Finally something about that crazy-ass EXPLOSION has some depth. I liked the closing parts of this performance. At least now I think SoReal’s final 2 position on the show wasn’t an entire “WTF!?” moment. It’s too bad only now they start to REALLY grow on me. Then I would have been more understandable about it now. But oh well, this challenge goes to SoReal Cru.

Hmm I wonder what Fanny Pak’s dance craze would have been. Something loony toons Fanny zipper Pak but we would have loved it any way.

Now onto the last chance challenge. I admit the way these final performance were well done and well put together and I enjoyed them.

Super crews final performance was obviously going to be TRICKS CITY CENTRAL but considering its their last chance to sway votes for them, I wanna see what they got..ONE LAST TIME. I really liked their divided sections with 2 members in the 3 sections. It reminded of Live In Color’s dance craze challenge when they had that divided section of the routine. Anyways, good routine and this gained my vote. I liked the had a very look beyond the stars and reach moment. They gave it their all and this proves a strong point for next week. If you want the WOW-factor, Super Cr3w got it tonight. I don’t hate this crew and I respect what they have done on this show. I like them so I want to finish this season on a good note.

SoReal wanted to get down and dirty one last time. And I’ll be honest, it was really good. Alot of things in this performance made me happy. There was no recycled moves and it wasn’t boring. I liked how they got right down to it and pumped out pretty much every non-recycled move they had and gave it up tonight. THEY WENT HARD. I could tell that this was something they wanted and not all of it was necessarily HANDED TO THEM VOTING-STYLE. They have shown me that they COULD be America’s Best Dance Crew. Just wished things would have been different many weeks before. I know I was really rough on this crew last week but it was just out of rage. I think they are great dancers and it’s no wonder why they are final 2. I just have to learn how to accept the way the show has turned out now. Respect to this crew and do not want to leave on a bad note. If you wanted choreography, SoReal Cru got that tonight. (If only the finale was final 3 instead of final 2, I wouldn’t have bitched about it so much)

So now that the season has almost reached its full circle, I admit that this season was no better than last season because we can all compare and contrast these last 2 seasons; from what was better or what was worse from both. This season’s final two may be arguable but its comprehendable. Again, I just accept it as it is. But I have enjoyed this season of ABDC and I hope next season will be better (in the voting aspect at least). I’m happy that this blog had alot of reconsidering done and it was somewhat positive for its outcome 🙂  . Good luck to both crews and their future endeavors. See you guys for the finale! I’m dying to see the other crews come back!!!!

*My final pick for next week:

-To be honest, I’m unsure because this week actually switched things up a bit for the voting. It can go both ways because Super Cr3w impressed more people and gained more votes but SoReal has stepped it up this week and could change that. I was originally for Super Cr3w but SoReal has done tonight some good in my mind. I’ve grown to like both crews so whoever wins will be ok with me. Still wanted Fanny Pak to win, but this still  would be ok with me.


Wow I am very very shocked and angry with last nights results. I am saying it right here, right now, despite people may hate me for I probably would not be happy with whoever wins at this point. 2 reasons:

1. SoReal Cru may have never been in the bottom but they have only been able to impress me twice (Missy Elliot challenge and this week’s second performance) but with past lackluster performances (or boring I’m not afraid to say) I would have respected them more if they went home last night, instead of taking the place of a crew that really deserved the final spot. Them being in the top would be more understandable if they had impressed me earlier on in the show but it’s a little too late for that now. If they win, I am 75% sure I’m not watching next season because I don’t want to have to go through the pain of watching a deserving crew get screwed over.

2. Super crew I must admit have been very good this season. Yes, they have had choreography problems (and shocked that they hired a choreographer because at least the other 2 crews made up their dance routines from scratch) but nevertheless, they have impressed me and gained my vote. I am really hoping they win because if they took Fanny Pak’s place (who by the way owned Super Crew last night) they should at least do them justice but I will also be mad that they win because if another breaking crew wins this season, MTV, FUCK THE REST OF THE DANCE AND MAKE IT A BREAKING SHOW OK!? IF YOU PLAN TO MAKE A BREAKING CREW WIN EVERY SEASON AND SCREW OVER OTHER DESERVING CREWS (FANNY PAK), I REALLY HOPE ANOTHER DANCE SHOW WHO HAS THE BALLS TO EMBRACE VARIETY GETS MORE POPULAR THAN ABDC!

Now onto my thoughts on tonights show:

SoReal Cru:
Was not impressed with their first performance for the not. It looked sloppy at some parts, looked decent in the middle, the ending probably would have been nice previous weeks before but not this late in the competition. I do not know how after a performance like that, they end up on top. I do feel bad for them though because now they have to deal with being the scapegoat of negative feedback because from their initial reaction when they were told they were top 2, they were shocked, which probably means its not their fault that they have to go through all of the negativity. Their second performance however, did impress me. It reminded me alot of their audition piece with the hands (this time with mirrors) which was very nice to see. I actually liked all the hand moves they did because for one, THEY DIDN’T REPEAT MOVES LIKE THEY HAVE THROUGHOUT THIS SEASON! The broom move was nice to see and they did justice for the movie Breakin’. Like I said, I would understand more them being top 2 if I saw performances like this earlier on.

Super Cr3w:
Their first performance was pretty good. They did the challenge well for having only 4 feet on the ground. I enjoyed this more than their second performance of the night. The second performance of the night didn’t do alot for me. I saw a small percentage of Footloose and that was the heel shuffle and the knee slide but other than that it was another breaking routine. Hate me or whatever but this was not a routine that did the challenge well, I saw a move that was used AGAIN, and it wasn’t as creative. No way with a performance like that, they beat out Fanny Pak. I do not buy it.

Now onto the crew of the night and my forever favorite crew, FANNY PAK:

Their first performance was good. I really liked it. The athletisism from Beau and Phil was nice when they did the facefreeze/ scissor kick (sorry I don’t know the terms for those) and the secret weapon is Glenda!! She is the athletics for this group I swear. You do not see many girls do what she does, especially that scissor kick because most guys do that. I think they did their challenge well, dancing Ice, ice, baby horizontally. The “word to your mother” was funny and cute. Loved Cara’s face. Now onto their second performance, in which if this was the finals they would have won hands down. I thought Fanny Pak + Flashdance = Great Performance. This was their week to really show what the crew was about. Are they 80’s or is it just for show? THEY ARE TRULY 80′S PEOPLE. They did Flashdance justice. I loved the idea of making the audition scene from Flashdance more modern with the mock Lil Mama, Shane Sparks, and JC Chasez. Go Cara for taking on the role of the countess of Flashdance, Jennifer Beals (the original Flashdancer herself). Cara did her justice as well. I loved the humor when Cara went on top of the table and did her thing. I am suprised Shane didn’t reply badly about how they portrayed him as a sexhoundog haha. Great form for the pierouets and nice jump to the knee slap to the hair flip slide. And there goes Glenda again doing her thing on the table. She’s good. I laughed so hard at the end with Phil’s freaky resemblence smile to JC. Overall, show-winning performance. They worked so hard to impress America and for whoever wasn’t impressed you must be so dumb not to be. They impressed me from the very beginning of the competition and I am very glad that their time on the show was something I was able to see and I am blessed so have seen them. And out of all the crews who went home (from both seasons) it was Fanny Pak’s leave who actually made me cry. Yes as stupid as I sound they were the first crew to make me cry. Thats how much their dance has influence on people. It rattles your emotion with simply, pure dance. I was hoping they would win the competition to maybe give Glenda the home she deserves for her dedication to this show. I know this isn’t the last of Fanny Pak, thats for sure.


Since there is one more episode for the final 2 crews to give everything they have to get the final votes, THEY BETTER GIVE EVERYTHING BECAUSE THIS WILL DECIDE IF I STILL HAVE ENOUGH HEART TO WATCH ANOTHER SEASON OF THIS SHOW. I hope they really bring it enough to prove my blog wrong. I am hoping for that. My final words for now because I am not in the giddy mood to praise these crews. I’ll save it for next week if they prove me wrong.

“Soon to be ABDC’s most hated blogger”

– Roebby

The Missy Elliott challenge gave all the crews something to stand out on.

One Minute Man

One Minute Man

First, I’ll start with SoReal Cru. Wow, I must admit this is one of their more creative performances and I was impressed. They lived up to their slow-jam choreography and it worked well with the song. I love the way they recreated the girl-on-wall part with Ailyn and Jackie. Also the part with the girls going slow and pushing the guys away. That was very nice. The intro was very interesting and it made me see that it wasn’t KABA-LIKE at all, it was SOREAL-LIKE. I must disagree with JC because the moves may not look hard from another point of view but incorporating the moves is a different story. I do find the moves they did very hard. I hope this doesn’t hurt them in votes next week, because the final 3 crews had nothing really wrong this week. As I said from last week, I needed SoReal Cru to make them stand out to me. This was the week they stood out to me.



Now on to Super Cr3w. I liked their performance this week. Another crew who also worked their butts off to be in the top, despite what people say that their a cheap knock-off of Jabba. LET ME SAY THIS, THIS IS SECOND SEASON PEOPLE! NONE OF THESE CREWS ARE TRYING TO COMPETE WITH THE STAR POWER OF JABBA! THEY’RE TRYING TO MAKE THEIR OWN NAME TO BE THE “NEXT” DANCE CREW. Back to Super Cr3w, I liked the intro in the beginning. I also noticed that the final 3 crews had amazing intros this week. But back to that, their intro was like week 1 except BIGGER. I liked that. And the ending was very fun to see. That’s group work. This is gonna be tough next week for sending who will be in the bottom 2.

Now onto the bottom 2 crews. Considering last week’s performances, I agree why America sent them into the bottom 2.

Kinda Worked It

Kinda Worked It

First off Boogie Bots. Overall, a nice performance. I like the handstand freeze and the wiggle walk. I do agree with all the judges on this one. They had bad timing on some of the moves and aside from the wiggle walk, there was not much I saw that was “Missy Material”. And Lil Mama was right, Boogie Bots have exciting MOMENTS but that doesn’t come throughout the entire performance. I had read that Boogie Bots had changed their performance last minute, creating an entire new routine because they felt it wasn’t Boogie Bots. I respect them for trying to stay true to their name but this late in the game, stick to the challenge given and perform it. You can still find a way to respresent yourself well and still own the challenge.

Fanny Freak On 

Fanny Freak On

Now onto Fanny Pak. I have high bets on this group, thats for sure. They had the best performance tonight hands down. I like the history this group has. It’s very difficult to change America’s view on this dance show because most fans sway towards the hiphop style. But Fanny Pak has finally gotten through to America and showed them what beautiful variety is out there. Overall, an amazing performance. The intro (intros are really on the Tee tonight!) was in your face and I loved it. I love the red tape part, floating Tifanni and they did surprise us with what came out of the Fanny Pack! This performance was a major step up from last week’s messy breakdown. The callout to Super Cr3w means business to Fanny Pak. Their here to take it. The way they used Cara as a gong was fun to see. This group got the standing ovation, the first of both seasons of ABDC and they deserved it. AND YES FANNY PAK HOMOPHOBS GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOUR ASSES, STRAIGHT OR NOT THIS GROUP IS ONE OF THE BEST.

After seeing Boogie Bots and Fanny Paks performances, the obvious choice to stay is Fanny Pak. But I do respect Boogie Bots because their entire run in the competition has been rocky, but has been good as well. I have enjoyed their performances and will be hoping to see them in the finale.

The final 3 may have repeating history from last season with one exception. Fanny Pak is not a Status Quo! They have proven they can dance but still bring flavor with their creative style. No need for a recount here people. The final 3 deserve to be the final 3. Rocky road for all 3 crews but it has paid off. As for next week, guessing from the standing ovation for Fanny Pak they will be final 2. As for Super Cr3w and SoReal, its going to break my heart for who has to go home. This is one of those times you wish you had a crew you thought was so bad in the final 3 it would be that easy to send them home and watch the other crew move to the final 2. But this is not the case. All these crews can f*ckin dance (sorry for language) and is different in their own right. This season may not be as hyped as last season, but the closing episodes are much more better than last seasons because we know this is gonna be the battle of the TOUGHEST CREWS. At least this time, the final 3 are FORREAL. No arguement here. I apologize for the rant but I’m a little fired up.