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Everyone knows how time flies by so fast in highschool. But we all think from starting at the bottom, you’ll assume it will take almost forever until you reach the top. So you continue to live your days routinely, enjoying most days knowing the following year won’t be much different. But when reality takes a huge fart in your face and it ends up sh*tting SENIOR YEAR.

The time has finally come. For some, its relief; while for others it is fear. The relief is the normal reaction to the last year in highschool. It’s a reminder that all your hard work has finally paid off and your going to be the full-fledge, kicking/screaming adult you always wanted to be. It’s that new chapter of life your just dying to turn the page for.

But for others, some may not always get that kind of relief. For some, it is reminder of abrupt change. Yes, change is good. Change is what keeps the evolutionary cycle going. But sometimes change doesn’t turn out the way you plan. Change in the last year simply states your current situation: “PANIC”. You panic because the way you knew and lived your life the same way you have for the past 3 is going to change. You panic because your not ready to change your old ways and go foward with your future.

Not all of us look foward to moving on from highschool because for some, there’s something waiting that we don’t want to take responsibility for. I am scared to begin the last year of highschool because I know its my last and I already see whats ahead, the gloomy picture is why I’d prefer to keep the years in highschool going instead of possibly not going to college altogether, a choice I can’t have a say in.

I know everyone has a dream and to be able to make a dream a reality, you have to go to college. I have a dream to be able to publish great editorials and make an impact in the world of literature. I look foward to going to college to make that happen but one thing stops me; a responsibility I am not willing to accept but eventually may have to accept either way.

I will not clarify what that responsibility may be but it is far from I want to do with my life. I respect it very much but I am sure that it is not what I’m meant to do in life. Simply, it will prevent me from going to college because all the time that this responsibility takes up, there  won’t be enough time to fit in an education. My choice of becoming a writer has gone from a priority to an option, without my consent. I am forced to choose something that isn’t true to myself because its what I’m supposed to do to please the “people” (I use that term loosely) around me.

 When you begin to oppose and fight to stay true to yourself and your beliefs, you quickly become a target for guilt and disappointment. And when the lack of approval from your peers is bad enough, you also begin to list what you may lose in the process once you make your decision. It simply comes down to this: Are you going to pursue your dream but lose the respect of your peers? Or will you cater to your peers and go with what they want you to do; gaining their support but losing your identity?

My year has come and I have yet to decide on what will I do. Personal identity has always been important to me but so has the respect from the people closest to me. I hope to find an answer to this soon before my year endsor I will find myself in a more dire situation than I already am. I want lower classmen to read this because it is very important:

“Know what you want you to do with your life. Know who you want to be in the future. Decide only when your only absolutely sure, no doubts and no regrets. Know what your going to have to sacrifice to make it happen, living with what you may lose in the process. Have the heart and passion to fight for what you want to be. If you fall, get back up and try again if you want it badly enough. Don’t give up, despite the problems and stipulations you may endure because it shows great character in ones self. Most importantly, stay true and do what makes you happy. A TRUE CHOICE IS A HARD ROAD AHEAD, ALWAYS HAVING ITS UPS AND DOWNS BUT IT ALL PAYS OFF WHEN YOUR HAPPY WITH YOUR RESULTS.”

In closing, everyone would like to reach a full circle in their lives, starting from the beginning and seeing what you have become over time. I hope that everyone can come around in their own full circle one day and they will be proud with what they see if they work hard and want it that badly.