Life is controlled by boundries, whether it be a physical, mental, or emotional boundry. We have all at some point in our life, stood against the line of that boundry. But it’s the dedication, motivation, passion, and perserverance that helps us cross over and live freely as it pleases us.

A boundry is merely your threshold, your comfort zone, your beliefs. Sometimes that must be broken. It must be broken because we have still not experienced what more life has to offer. We can’t continue living comfortably and not take a risk for something more than what you may have ever wanted ever in your entire life.

So do not forget the dreams you’ve dreamt because they may seem impossible. Do not be satisfied with the lesser things life has offered you so always want more out of it. Do not set limitations on the exciting moments of your life because the only way to have fun is to go the distance and go past it. And most importantly, do not cage your heart because of what love has forbidden you from doing. Love freely and fully & do not be afraid to reach for your hearts desires. And when you do have your hearts desire, the desire does not end there. Desire to hold it close to you and nurture it all you can and give it everything that you can give, fuel the fire and never put it out.

“When you can cross the boundries of your heart, take the leap of faith, and know LOVE; all your life’s struggles will simply be a distant, vague memory and you will have enough to take on the world.”